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Hearing Loss affects more than just hearing...

People with hearing loss often feel isolated, anxious, depressed, and irritable.  As they withdraw from communication with family and friends, they also lose their quality of life.

It doesn't have to be that way.

Most hearing loss is treatable. In some cases, simple earwax removal solves the problem. In other cases, a hearing aid is required to restore hearing and quality of life. In all cases, the experienced, compassionate audiologists at Hearing Care Center can help. Our team of hearing specialists can diagnose hearing loss and recommend treatment options to fit your individual needs and lifestyle for optimal results.

Hearing loss affects a reported 48 million Americans

Adult and Pediatric Hearing Evaluation

The audiology team at the Cumberland Valley ENT Consultants Hearing Care Center can perform sophisticated hearing evaluations to determine if you are experiencing hearing loss. We are can diagnose and treat patients of all ages at our Washington County, Maryland offices in Hagerstown.

Some of the Best Hearing Aids 2022 Has to Offer

Enjoy Comfort and Convenience with Oticon OPN Hearing Aids

After your hearing evaluation is complete, our audiology team will determine the nature of your hearing loss and make a recommendation as to whether a hearing aid device is right for you. Our Hearing Care Center offers a selection of technologically advanced, contemporary digital hearing aids.

Today’s hearing aid devices are smaller, more discrete, more powerful and include features like advanced feedback noise reduction and convenient smartphone connectivity.

Revolutionary Breakthrough in Hearing Enhancement Technology

oticon hearing aids

Award-winning Oticon OPN™ hearing aid technology is now available to Cumberland Valley ENT Consultants hearing loss patients. The Oticon OPN™ hearing aid is a revolutionary breakthrough in hearing technology. The Oticon OPN™ allows for enhanced hearing capability in dynamic environments that would normally leave hearing aid users frustrated by a lack of clarity and focus.

Groundbreaking Oticon Opn technology allows for speedy, precise analysis of sound to differentiate between speech and noise, allowing users to listen to multiple speakers simultaneously. Cumberland Valley ENT Consultants is proud to offer the sophisticated Oticon OPN for advanced hearing enhancement.

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Treating patients with hearing loss from Chambersburg, Frederick, Martinsburg, and Winchester at our Hagerstown offices in Washington County, Maryland.

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Tinnitus Treatment to Stop Ear Ringing

Have you experienced ear ringing, but you’re not sure what’s causing it?

The Cumberland Valley ENT Consultants Hearing Care Center team can perform a thorough evaluation of tinnitus and work with patients to remedy this common problem.

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Dizziness, Vertigo, Tinnitus Treatment

How bad is your hearing?

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