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Cumberland Valley ENT Consultants

Cumberland Valley ENT Consultants, established in 1978, strives to provide excellent and compassionate medical and surgical care for Hagerstown, Washington County, and the surrounding communities.

Our four board-certified physicians deliver complete care for problems of the Ear, Nose and Throat to patients of all ages. Services we provide include treatment for sinus infections, allergies, ear infections, snoring disorders, sleep apnea, nasal problems, tonsillitis, thyroid nodules, loss of hearing, voice disorders, and cancer of the mouth, throat and voice box. Our three highly-trained audiologists specialize in hearing and balance testing, and are experts in the newest hearing-aid technology.

Our allergy department offers allergy testing and treatment. We use methods that not only identify specific allergens, but also achieve effective control of allergies quickly.


BREAKING NEWS.......Cumberland Valley ENT Consultants now participates with Aetna Insurance.


A Special Message To Our Medicare And Blue Shield Patients

If your office evaluation involves a hearing test, please read this information from our billing department
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Allergy and Sinus Patients

Please complete this questionnaire to assess the severity of your sinus problems.  If you score 30 or above, please make an appointment for a consultation and bring this printed scored test with you.   Sinus Nasal Questionnaire


Margaret T. Eackles, MS, CCC-A, Jennifer L. Campbell, AuD, CCC-A and Diane D. Shockey, MS, CCC-A have years of experience in dealing with hearing loss.  Regardless of the degree of hearing loss, they will do everything it takes to meet their patients' needs.  They are professionals trained to provide patients with the most accurate testing possible.  To learn more, visit their website Hearing Care Center.

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